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"It left me with a warm glow for the rest of the day followed by a really  good nights sleep! It's was a lovely, nurturing, instinctively positive  experience. "

"An unforgettable experience, Lindsay is so awesome and puts you at ease straightaway."

"That night I slept like, well, a baby, de-stressed, relaxed, suffused with a sense of well being."

"Lindsay is a warm and thoughtful therapist. Cuddle therapy with her was a really lovely experience, especially for someone like me who misses proper hugs and cuddles. I recommend her caring, professional and person-centred approach."

"Had my first cuddle therapy experience, I was really nervous and did not know what to expect at first. But soon it became really relaxing and enjoyable. It feels like a combination of a nice sensual massage combined with psychiatric therapy as I talked through the problems I was facing. After the session, I gained a much needed boost in confidence and much calmer then before. I would recommend this therapy to anyone who just needs a little love and support.  =)​ "

 "I'd definitely recommend cuddle therapy to anyone! I don't think it matters whether you're in a relationship or not because it's a different thing - having permission to just let yourself be cuddled and not worry about the other person. It feels like a very personal thing, like it's for you only (just like therapy), so has nothing to do with anyone else."

"Grateful! I really recommend Lindsay’s Cuddle Therapy. She held such a safe and loving space, where I felt comfortable to feel: to cry, to laugh, to talk, to just exist, and to be held in that. Touch can be so healing and transforming. Thank you."